Crystalline graphite is used for drilling in oil and gas sphere, as well as in the steel sector, iron and metal industry. This material is used for the manufacture of pastes and paints, working forms, rods.

"Zavalivskiy graphite" company offers a wide assortment of crystalline graphite. The company has many years of experience in Ukraine and abroad. During the period of existence, the company has accumulated considerable practical experience in the mining and production of graphite.

The company mines graphite in the deposit, which is located in the central part of Ukraine. It is bordered with Kirovohrad and Odessa regions. The main part of Zavalivskiy deposit and graphite production are located in Gajvoron district of Kirovograd region.

"Zavalivskiy graphite" company offers a wide range of crystalline graphite. What kind of graphite you need, depends on its production use. Therefore, here you can buy a crystalline graphite of such kinds:

- GL-1 - for covering work surfaces of molds and cores in the preparation of casts;

- GL-2 - for the manufacture of paints, pastes, which is used in the production of casts of medium difficulty;

- GL-3 - in the preparation of casts, which do not require high purity surface.

Crystalline graphite (GL), which is extracted and implemented by company, endowed by a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Also, it has a high level of resistance to thermal stresses.

Due to almost perfect crystalline structure, composition of impurities of Zavalivskiy graphite and the ease of their removal make it one of the best materials in the group. That's why, it can compete in international markets.

"Zavalivskiy graphite" company offers its customers competitive prices, convenient payment terms, flexible system of discounts on an individual basis, a wide range of graphite, prompt delivery and more.

The company sells its products all over Ukraine, as well as exports to countries such as America, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Japan, Azerbaijan and the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

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