Universal graphite powder. Made in Ukraine!

Graphite powder - is a unique product that every day finds a new application. The powder is made from high quality raw materials, solves complicated problems easily and for a long time!

"Zavalivskiy graphite" company carries out the production of graphite products in Ukraine. The quality of raw materials and raw products have no competitors, because the rock structure has a perfect crystal lattice. The partners of the company are the largest metallurgical, foundry and mechanical engineering plants and factories of the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan and America.

Powdered graphite is a popular material which is highly resistant to thermal stress. This property of the powder is a crucial factor in its application as an auxiliary material in the metal, iron foundry, steel industry. Also, the powder can be found almost everywhere where work surfaces should be protected from direct exposure to the molten metal.

Powder graphite (graphite GL 1) has a wide range of applications. To protect against high temperature raw, molds and rods are covered by a layer of graphite powder. Also graphite powder is used as an additive in lubricants graphite, paints, stuffing box packings, etc.

An important indicator is the high thermal, chemical and corrosion resistance of foundry graphite (powder).

Graphite powder is an indispensable element of the normal operation for the mechanical engineering industry for the production of anti-friction material. Pipe, collectors, electrodes and lubricants are manufactured from it.

Also, this material is used in the direction of production and maintenance of nuclear technology, in the production of thermal insulation materials, stationery (pens).

Graphite powder is used industrially in the production of enamels and paints, for the production of batteries, artificial diamonds, and many other things.

Ukrainian graphite is a popular among the best factories and plants in the world.

"Zavalivskiy Graphite" is constantly expanding range of products. Company has own production facilities (workshops and equipment) for the production and processing of graphite products that allows us to choose the best option for each client individually.

All products comply with the quality standards of GOST. The company provides individual discounts and wholesale sale of graphite and graphite products with the best conditions for cooperation.
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