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For the production of electrical carbon brushes


Graphite brushes are special replaceable element of any electric motor and it's used for supply and discharge current on contact rings and rotating collector of electric machines. Electrical contact occurs between the fixed and mobile units of the electric motor thanks to the carbon brushes, and electrobrush defines a period of continuous operation of the electric motor and the degree of abrasion. Brushes for electric motors are widely used in generators and motors for various fields of engineering, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, marine vessels, rail and urban transport, crane equipment in everyday life and for other purposes.

Use of natural graphite is the best choice for the production of electrical carbon brushes.

Achieving key benefits of products due to quality graphite provides:

- Reducing the cost of brush that can be obtained by reducing resin consumption to 50%;
- Improving the quality of electrical carbon brushes by increasing their lifetime, this can be achieved by reducing mechanical wear (sparking much smaller, more efficient touch);
- Improved commutation properties;
- Reduced density of brush with higher electrical resistance and improved mechanical properties;
- Higher flexibility for productivity increasing with minimal impact vibration.

All these advantages as the production of electrical carbon brushes depends on the quality of graphite in stock and can be achieved by using of high-quality graphite with unique physical and chemical properties.

Qualitative characteristics of using graphite are division of electrical carbon brushes for particle size, crystal structure, porosity of the surface, particle shape and reaching surface tension between the graphite and binder.

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ZAVALIVSKIY GRAPHITE LTD. Production of natural flake graphite in Ukraine since 1934.
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