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Zavalyevskiy Graphite launches an Updated Graphite Processing Line

Zavalyevskiy Graphite launches an Updated Graphite Processing Line

As part of the production expansion in 2012, Zavalyevskiy Graphite Plant in the village of Zavalye launched an updated line for the processing of natural graphite, which allows to get the maximum extraction of graphite from graphite ore and to increase the volume of manufacture of graphite products according to the higher market demand.

The updated line for graphite processing marks the transition to a new level, a step towards further development, improvement of the quality and competitiveness of Ukrainian products in the international level. The innovation will allow Zavalyevskiy Graphite Company to significantly expand the scope of products that are currently in demand in various industries of metallurgy and energy, aircraft engineering and car manufacturing, nanotechnology, production of building materials, as well as in other industries.

The technological line of graphite production  is an ongoing series of interrelated process equipment, devices and mechanisms providing such processes as ore crushing (raw material), grinding, flotation, dewatering, drying, sieving, additional beneficiation, allowing to produce high-carbon graphite (C up to 99.8 %), air jet milling, packaging of finished products. All the Plant's lines are constantly being upgraded, so the company can manufacture and export graphite and graphite products of a consistently high quality.

The Plant's production lines are working as a single integral mechanism which allows to respond to the changing consumer demands, control the quality and the volume of graphite production. And this is exactly the key to success in working with clients.

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