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In the pads and other friction materials


For types of brake pads become low in existing uses graphite as% of mean Pad:

Brake linings for Euro Car Segment B - 2,5%

Brake linings without Cu alloys - 2.5%

• Graphite is useful for the stabilization of the friction coefficient.

• Graphite`s  useful effect to reduce the wear rate of the brake linings.

Graphite provides a more optimal distribution of the friction brake lining due to graphite, which in turn increases the total number of friction materials.

• Graphite has a positive impact on reducing noise during braking.

• The distribution of particle size has little effect on the thermal conductivity, including an important for efficient removal of heat without overheating the caliper and brake fluid.

Natural graphite Zavalevsky field due to its physical and chemical properties have a positive effect on the behavior of the brake lining during braking, stop and frequent alternation of driving and braking.  In particular, the friction coefficient at high temperatures, higher and more stable. This may be due to the higher thermal conductivity and at the free compositions because of the greater amount of graphite, which leads to a better heat dissipation and reduced cooling time between brake processes to stop.

The optimal carbon content in the natural graphite flakes is 91.0 - 96.0% C, at what natural graphite is recommended to all kinds of friction linings. Depending on the technology adopted friction material, particle size of graphite can be sustained in a certain range and to have a clear composition in combination with the presence of many grades of graphite grain size. The company «Zavalevsky graphite» has the opportunity to select the optimal composition of size fractions of graphite with a predetermined level of carbon content.

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ZAVALIVSKIY GRAPHITE LTD. Production of natural flake graphite in Ukraine since 1934.
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