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Grinding marks and colloidal graphite  products with natural graphite with high carbon content and a complex classification of the form of flakes are used as a binding and indispensable element is for the production of batteries and battery LiO.

Typically, this area is used in the so-called globular graphite which in turn is made from natural flake large graphite class with a high carbon content. The production process is done by grinding large flake graphite (higher yield of spheroidal graphite) and then passes the classification required classes with the expected form of flakes (round or potato-like shape). When this value is large content of iron and other metal elements in the ash residue, as well as electrical conductivity, porosity, bulk density and specific property of natural graphite, lithium ions accumulate.

The basic desired characteristics of the products: the total Fe content in the graphite is less than 20 ppm; very low total content of metal impurities in the bottom ash.

At the same time the use of the advantages of using it is natural graphite:

• Battery  improved safety (explosion)

• Low coefficient of charge weakening

• Full compatibility with most electrolyte systems

Most often for the production of spheroidal graphite flake graphite accept large (larger than 160 microns), which after grinding and classifying provides higher yield of correctly flake graphite with a rounded shape and size D90 of about 20 microns.

Today the company produces only feedstock for subsequent post-treatment powders, graphite and exhaust already spheroidal graphite, which is most suitable for use in LiO accumulators and batteries.

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