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The growing demand for new alkaline batteries with high energy creates optimal search terms based on graphite materials to combine the best electrochemical properties with excellent processability at a reasonable price. Graphite powders are used as additives in the cathode cell alkaline batteries. The high degree of crystallinity of the graphite powder provides the necessary electrical conductivity of the cathode mass, increases the mechanical strength of the electrolyte, and optimizes absorption.  Moreover, the lubricating effect of the graphite minimizes the wear of the tool elements in the production of alkaline batteries.

Graphite-based dispersion according to the manufacturing processes can also be applied to the inner surface of the battery to increase the electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

The most common products Zavalevsky graphite as a component in the production of large alkaline batteries using the following brands:

SAC-1, 2-HOOK, HOOK-3 (high-purity graphite, the average particle size of about 63-100 microns), C-1, C-2, C-3 (grinding marks for small batteries and alkaline batteries with the size scales D90 20-45 microns). A distinctive feature of these grades is high purity and, depending on the technology and the compatibility with other elements of the production - the particle size.

Together with customers, our company offers the optimum grade of graphite flake graphite with extremely anisotropic characteristic. Particle shape our graphite provides an ideal conductivity of the matrix in the cathode and shows its advantage in electrochemical characteristics compared to other types and brands of graphite (especially due to the high carbon content of the graphite and the minimum metal content in the ash).  In addition, the use of our compression optimizes the graphite cathode mass in the production due to excellent lubricity and minimize tool wear.

By texture, the morphology and high perfect crystal lattice flake natural graphite Zavalevsky field is highly effective for cathodes of alkaline batteries in a natural form without intercalation (swelling, enlargement), thus providing an attractive price-performance ratio compared to expanded graphite (complex and expensive production technology).

Using our graphite can offer the best balance between the electrochemical performance, manufacturability and cost of manufacturing alkaline batteries.

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