Zavalivskiy graphite: perfection on the Ukrainian market

Graphite is widely used in various industries: petroleum, chemical, gas, steel, iron foundry. It is used in the production of refractories, crucibles, carbon brushes, in lubricants, linings, paints electric screens, antistatic coatings, batteries, catalysts, in explosives, fire-resistant paint, and also as absorbent. The largest graphite deposit is located in Ukraine, on the left bank of the picturesque river Southern Bug. This is Zavalivskiy graphite, which has a perfect crystalline structure.

Zavalivskiy graphite is very highly regarded in the international markets thanks to its perfect structure, composition of impurities and their ease of removal. This is a real pride in our market. Development of the deposit is carried out by open, pit method. Nowadays, the company produces more than 20 types of various grades of graphite with a carbon content from 85% to 99.97% and the particle size from 2 to 200 mkm, as well as a wide range of colloidal graphite products and cooling lubricants based on graphite. Processes such as crushing, grinding, flotation, dewatering, drying, sieving, chemical refining, and others are performed.

Graphite production is carried out with the use of modern technological equipment, machines and mechanisms. All this provides high quality and speed of performance all processes - from ore crushing to packaging of finished products.

A lot of attention is paid to the expansion of the range, the improvement of mining technology and production of graphite. You can choose any brand of graphite. Zavalivskiy graphite of various brands is exported to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Japan, America and to Western and Eastern Europe.

Incidentally, Zavalivskiy graphite has very competitive prices. The company constantly offers discounts and carries out various promotions. Here we appreciate every customer and implement an individual approach. The company's specialists will help you with the choice of a particular brand of graphite. Orders are accepted on the website and by contact phones.